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It’s 2011! And I’m back with a juicy exclusive for all you QT Fans out there! Bear with me! All movie geeks love lists, that’s a fact of life. Our new off-shoot Furious Cinema has got a few lists to get your dick hard, and especially around year end the net is full of lists. But not all lists are the same. For example, Quentin Tarantino’s list of favorite Spaghetti Westerns (click here) and Grindhouse Movies (click here) are not mere lists, they are cinematic new year’s eve dinner menus among movie lists. And since it’s a new year, and The Quentin Tarantino Archives is turning 10 years, here’s another list from the man, which we are happy to reproduce for your reading pleasure. Feel free to use the comments below to post your feedback, or head over to our Facebook Page for that….. and here are Quentin Tarantino’s Favorite Movies of 2010:

1. Toy Story 3, 2. The Social Network, 3. Animal Kingdom, 4. I Am Love, 5. Tangled , 6. True Grit, 7. The Town, 8. Greenberg, 9. Cyrus, 10. Enter The Void (“Hands down best credit scene of the year … Maybe best credit scene of the decade. One of the greatest in cinema history.” – QT), 11. Kick Ass.

And the runners up are 12. Knight and Day, 13. Get Him To The Greek, 14. The Fighter, 15. The Kings Speech, 16. The Kids Are All Right, 17. How To Train Your Dragon, 18. Robin Hood, 19. Amer, 20. Jackass 3-D

Personally, I was unable to see many movies 2010 (older ones yes, but not at the theater movies). My new year’s resolution is thus to see at least twice as many 2011 movies in 2011 than I did 2010 movies in 2010. But what a list, I am a bit surprised that Toy Story 3 beat the Coen Brother, but I haven’t seen either of the two. Looking forward to reading your comments, and special thanks to El Quentin for forwarding his list! Happy New Year everyone!

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