base 26 / isometric blocks


“four-letter words have a special status in the english language and culture. counting in at over 1650 words, in most cases the term is only used to address the more crude, sexual subset and its use has been effectively eliminated from the language of “good” society, mainly due to its negative connotations with lack of education, etiquette and status. in a way, the use of those four-letter words reflects the schizoid prudence and class system in english speaking societies, still evident today.”

Just as amazing.

When comparing the genome of two different people, you’ll see
single letter changes (called SNPs, pronounced “snips”) every few
thousand letters. An interesting feature of SNPs is that their
ordering has distinct patterns, where sets of consecutive changes are
most often found together. There are many methods for looking at this
data, so this piece combines several of them into a single visual
display. The project is described in greater detail in my dissertation,
starting in chapter four.


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